Why celebrating Europe Day is as relevant as the UK celebrating Empire Day!

In the European Union’s calendar May the 9th is designated Europe Day. Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader commented,
“Across Parliament square we see the flags of our many of our friends across the Continent proudly displayed.
“But it is as relevant as the UK celebrating Empire day. That time has passed. and the idea that we in the UK will go out and proudly wave the blue starry flag and sing the Ode to Joy with gusto is laughable.
“What isn’t laughable is the cost of all this jollity, a cost picked up by the British taxpayer. It is time that the idea of Europe Day be put out to grass. It is time, since the Referendum for our taxpayers to stop paying for such propaganda. It is time that we institute a rule. From the 31st March 2019, when Britain leaves the EU for good that the EU flag, and all it represents be banished form any public building and it becomes treated, as it should, as a form of corporate advertising.”